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Complex, overwhelming, frustrating, confusing. . . These are words often associated with the property management segment of the real estate business. JS Property Management is here to help. Selecting the right management firm can be the most important operational decision a property owner can make. Having well-trained and experienced property managers will provide for the maximum return on an asset with effective planning, tenant retention, improving cash flow, and protecting the value of the asset. With a limited number of quality on-island choices for property management, this can be a question of value rather than one of overhead expense.

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At its core, property management is people management and we are very good at people management.


Budgeting & Fiscal Management

JS Property Management develops and monitors and adheres to an approved budget for a property or Association which covers everything from taxes and maintenance to marketing and personnel. As the year unfolds, the manager will brief the client of any necessary budgetary adjustments and make appropriate plans for future budgets.

Contract Specifcations

JS Property Management diligently and carefully prepares specifications for all contracted work (i.e. tenant improvement construction, landscaping and maintenance, system monitoring and maintenance) to obtain competitive bids and supervise all client-approved services.

Maintenance Programs

JS Property Management  provides monthly maintenance cost monitoring along with the development and implementation of preventive-maintenance programs as part of our hands-on approach. Time and again over the years, this has proven to be an effective forecast tool for budgets and troubleshooting purposes.

Documented Procedures

At JS Property Management we have established, documented procedures to ensure compliance with all federal, state, and local county governmental statutes as well as administrative regulations, ordinances, fire, health and safety codes and association governing documents.

Tenant Relations

JS Property Management  is an experienced, professional, property management firm with strong contracts and a wealth of support service resources for our clients that are also responsive to tenant and customer needs.

Employee Considerations

There are important impacts for an Association or a property owner to consider when it comes to hiring employees. JS Property Management has the knowledge and experience to work with Associations and property owners to determine the most beneficial employee operations.


Yes, we have references and we want you to talk to them. Please call or email the JS Property Management office for the appropriate list. More than ever, homeowner associations, private water associations, private roadway associations, and owners of commercial real estate must select management teams with care. The right property management firm will provide expertise, financial stability, professional excellence, and integrity required in today’s competitive world of real estate.


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